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What's 60 Second Shop

Bread. Milk. Beer. Cider. Newspapers. Beans…Today’s busy shoppers can now find almost everything they need at their local convenience store. The one thing you can’t offer them, however, is more time. Until now that is.

60 Second Shop is an exciting new convenience programme Molson Coors has developed to help retailers just like you. Designed to make shoppers lives easier, 60 Second Shop gives your shoppers more ideas, more choice, more reasons to pop in store.

And because shoppers aren’t the only ones who are always busy, we’ve produced 60 Second bite-size pieces of information to help you improve your store and, most importantly, your sales in as short a time as possible.

The 3 Keys to Success

In order to help shoppers along their shopper mission, there are 3 key pillars that a retailer should follow in order to best deliver against the shoppers’ needs and consequently help drive sales in-store.

Ease of shop

Shoppers coming through your door don’t have the time to look around. They need to be able to find what they want quickly and easily.

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Value for money

It’s a fact. Beer and cider shoppers are some of the biggest spenders in convenience stores. But these same shoppers are also the ones who seek out value beyond price.

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Now when shoppers pop into your shop they aren't just looking for great products and value, they're also looking for ideas.

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Visit the 60 Second Shop

Take a walk inside our store and see how 60 Second Shop can give you ease of shop, value for money and occasions to make your shoppers life easier.

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